Our Practices

Unadilla Community Farm is an off-grid solar-powered education center following the principles of no-till organic agriculture, regenerative agroforestry, and permaculture design. We are regenerating the land after decades of conventional monocropping, transforming an abandoned corn field into an edible food forest. We grow 200+ varieties of organic annual and perennial vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and cold-hardy fruits, nuts, and berries. As a center for sustainable education, we showcase a diversity of USDA NRCS conservation practices, such as rainwater collection, multi-story and alley cropping, no-till management, wildlife habitat planting, heavy mulching, on-site composting, crop rotation, and high tunnels.

We teach natural building methods, such as timber framing, straw bale construction, wattle and daub, cob, and lime masonry. And we use local, natural, and salvaged materials, such as locally-milled wood from our Amish neighbors or tires salvaged from our mechanic. Our projects include a traditional New England timber-framed barn on a rammed tire "Earthship" foundation, a skoolie (converted school bus), mobile chicken tractor, and an off-grid tiny home with solar panels, rainwater collection, and wood-burning stove.