2021 will be our 8th season welcoming interns at Unadilla Community Farm. We host interns with all levels of experience, with a commitment to sustainability and a desire to learn together how we can forge a new life independent of mainstream consumer culture. We host a cohort of 20 to 30 interns each season from May to September. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the program covers all intern expenses including room & board, daily on-site training, and weekly classes/workshops, so the program is available at no cost to participants.

COVID Update: We were able to safely carry out our internship last season and host 25 interns throughout the pandemic, by implementing a number of safety protocols. Interns are required to quarantine for 2 weeks prior to arrival, and upon arrival, to have their temperature checked using a non-contact thermometer. At the farm, we all quarantine on-site together.

"If you’re looking for a place where you can learn more about self sufficiency, sustainable living and permaculture... look no further - this is THE place." -Ida & Nicklas, Sweden
Our internship program is more than just a beginning farmer training program. It is an immersion into a rural, off-grid sustainable way of life. Interns gain hands-on experience in no-till organic farming, regenerative agroforestry, permaculture design, natural building, and food preservation. Our internship is about divesting from mainstream consumer culture, and learning to support ourselves by growing our own organic produce, utilizing natural building methods to construct our infrastructure, making our own household products like soap, reviving traditional agricultural and lifestyle practices, and living in community. We equip interns with the skills to become more sustainable and self-sufficient and replicate permaculture models in their communities.

Beyond providing hands-on training in sustainable farming and natural building (“hard skills”) to prepare interns for careers in food and farming or self-sufficient homesteading, our program is also an opportunity for students and young people to learn and improve upon interpersonal or “soft” skills that can be applied to any type of workplace or community living, such as: time management; communication; organization; leadership; listening; teamwork/collaboration; and workplace etiquette.

Our accredited internship program has attracted interns from North & South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. College and university students in both the U.S. & abroad have earned course credits for our internship program. Ask your advisor if you are eligible to earn credit too!

"My experience as an intern at Unadilla Community Farm was amazing! I was there for one month and I learned a lot about permaculture, organic farming, natural building, food preservation, homesteading, & much more. My tasks included watering, harvesting, weeding, mulching, helping in the kitchen or with CSA, sanding wood, window restoration, and food preservation. The other interns were such a fun & great team to work with everyday. We had bonfires at night, played board games and sometimes went to the town. Ben’s vegan food was heavenly: fresh, healthy and a lot of variety. Their land is beautiful, especially in the morning and at night!! Staying in the schoolie was also a pretty cool experience. They have a small community library with lots of very interesting books. Greta and Ben are truly amazing and nice people with a lot of knowledge and kindness! They help their community and are engaged and passionate people. I definitely recommend being an intern at Unadilla." -Emily, Montréal, Québec


The internship runs from May 2-October 4, 2021. We ask interns to commit to a 1 month minimum stay during this time period. The internship is 25 hours a week, plus lots of optional activities and classes.

A Typical Day (Tues-Sat):
6:45am-8:00am: Breakfast
8:00am-10:00am: (Optional) Assist with vegan/vegetarian lunch prep
10:00am-12:00pm: Seeding; transplanting; irrigation; weeding; mulching; trellising; pruning; harvesting
12:00pm-2:00pm: Lunch break
2:00pm-5:00pm: Natural building; timber framing; basic carpentry such as cutting, sanding, oiling, and assembly; lime stone masonry; firewood preparation; lawn mowing and weed whacking; no-till garden bed preparation
5:00pm-9:00pm: Free time: Swimming in the Unadilla River; dinner; board games; reading books from the Unadilla library

On Wednesdays, we hold "Open Night," a weekly opportunity for interns to teach and share with their peers. Wednesday open nights have taken many forms, such as poetry readings, story-telling, project presentations, and skill-sharing.

On Saturdays starting in mid-June, we run our veggie box delivery program, providing fresh, organic produce to Edmeston families. Interns participate in all aspects of the program, from production to harvesting to the wash and pack station, to gain experience in operating a "CSA-style" farm model.

On Sundays, we host free weekly on-site classes and workshops.

Off-Grid Accommodations:

Our farm is entirely off-grid and is transitioning off of fossil fuels. Sleeping accommodations include 2 single bedrooms in the barn loft, 2 double bedrooms in the skoolie (converted school bus), or tent camping. All organic gourmet vegetarian/vegan meals and snacks are provided, and typically eaten communally. We have both indoor and outdoor kitchens, indoor and outdoor compost toilets, and a gravity-fed unheated shower as well as access to the Unadilla River. We use solar lanterns after dark, and have an off-grid solar panel system for charging cell phones. We don't have wifi, but do have good cell phone reception.

"Living and working at Unadilla Community Farm was a wonderful experience! I learned a huge amount about natural building techniques, farming and homesteading. Work was hands on and educational -- exactly as described -- and interns had lots of free time as well for hiking, reading, etc. It was absolutely beautiful; Greta & Ben were both very knowledgeable; all in all an amazing month." -Hannah, California

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