Community Organizing

Leatherstocking Young Farmers Coalition:
Unadilla Community Farm co-founded & co-organizes the Leatherstocking Young Farmers Coalition, a chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition. We organize and facilitate regular meetings with beginning farmers following sustainable practices in the Leatherstocking Region of New York State, to provide a platform for communication, collaboration, skills and resource sharing, and advocacy.

Kick-off of Leatherstocking Young Farmers Coalition (April 2018), hosted at Origins Cafe
Compost Pick-Up Program:
Unadilla Community Farm collaborates with local farms and businesses in the area to pick up food scraps, manure, and yard waste for our on-site composting program, as well as cardboard for use in sheet mulching or no-till "lasagna gardening" as a method of bed preparation. Through these reciprocal relationships, we turn what is otherwise considered a waste product into valuable organic matter for the farm to amend our soil. We divert hundreds of pounds of food from the landfill and return it to the earth.

Collaboration with Otsego Youth Food Movement:
Unadilla Community Farm is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and planning committee member for the annual Otsego Youth Food Movement (YFM) Summit. We also provide produce for the Otsego YFM's annual Future of Food dinner in the autumn.

Agriculture Advisory Committee - NY's 19th Congressional District:
Unadilla Community Farm is a member of Congressman Antonio Delgado's in-district agriculture advisory committee for New York's 19th Congressional District. Comprising 40 farmers and agriculture leaders from every county in the district, the committee was formed to assist the congressman in developing strategies to improve congressional support for small farms upstate.